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Postpartum Pregnancy – How To Get Back In Shape!

Postpartum Pregnancy

Postpartum Pregnancy: How to Get Back in SHAPE! You have added another member to your family. Now with your Postpartum Pregnancy, how to get back in shape? It’s not as impossible as you might imagine right now. Let’s take it in small sections, make some short-term goals and make sure to reach each one before moving on to the next.

How to take care of Postpartum Pregnancy? – How to Get Back in SHAPE!?

From the time of delivery until your first period, we talk about the postpartum pregnancy period. This transition period can be challenging for some mothers. Hormonal upheavals, physical and physiological changes, your body has changed overnight and all these changes are beyond you…

Causes of Baby Blues

The researchers did not determine a single cause of postpartum pregnancy depression. Several factors contribute to this, including hormonal changes

  1. Deception associated with the experience of childbirth;
  2. Pregnancy loss of emotion
  3. Level of marital satisfaction;
  4. Care of a very demanding newborn baby;
  5. Lack of family and social support;
  6. Exhaustion;
  7. Family history of postpartum Pregnancy depression;
Postpartum Pregnancy


First, it will take six to sixteen weeks for hormones to return to normal levels, and healing time will take six weeks to three months.

Some women may be ready to work out within days of delivery, and most of you should be ready to work out in as little as six weeks, but if it takes you the whole three months, that is just fine too.

Hopefully, you used our three-trimester workouts, and assuming you had a standard delivery, you should be more than ready to resume physical activity as soon as your doctor releases you.

You must get a medical release from your doctor before returning to our workout program. There is no exception to this rule.


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Next, what pace should you set for yourself? Will your body not be fully back to “normal? For quite some time. It would help if you eased back into your activity.

It will be like working backwards from your third trimester to your first, and so on. You will start with light weights and fewer repetitions (think back to the last of your third-trimester workouts) and work your way up.

It might seem overwhelming to jump back into it, but you must take that first step. You don’t want to be celebrating your baby’s first birthday and look back to discover that you haven’t had even one workout session.


Again, this is not yet the time to max out your workout. The first six months should be used to get back into the swing of things and take time for you. You may ask how to get back in shape. It would help if you spent some time on yourself.

Your health and happiness should not be overlooked. Remember, no one is happy if mom is not happy.

You are the caretaker for the family, so it is essential that you stay healthy and happy. Work out at least two days a week, up to three, four, or five days a week for thirty to sixty minutes, and keep your heart rate between your low and mid-range THR for at least half of your workout.


Now, you should be pushing yourself from six months postpartum pregnancy during every workout. It would help if you were aiming for the mid-range to the high end of your THR for at least half to most of your workout. Here’s the chart again, in case you don’t remember exactly what that range is.


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One last thing passes this experience along to a friend. Tell people around you how these baby blues and exercises have affected your pregnancy and overall experience. Make your fitness routine a part of life and share the positive effects with family and friends.


Note that the exercises do not state a dumbbell weight you should use. This is because everyone will be at a different skill level which the individual should decide. Start small, work your way up, or ask a certified fitness professional.

You will notice on the postpartum pregnancy workout poster that there are three strength training days and one cardio day (“cardio? refers to aerobic exercise).

The third strength training day is optional, and you may repeat a day to add a fourth strength training day if your fitness level allows.

Remember, getting at least one aerobic workout done per week in addition to your strength training is essential, so plan your workouts wisely.   

Even if you are experienced in fitness, you should start with the Delivering Fitness beginner workout and continue at the same fitness level until you feel comfortable moving up to the advanced workout.   

If you are beginning your fitness routine, start with the lowest level of the Delivering Fitness beginner workout and progress as your fitness level increases. Modifications include lowering or raising the weight or the number of repetitions for any exercise.

You can lower or raise the reps by three to five reps per set and lower or raise the weight to the next smaller or larger size. As with any exercise routine, check with your physician before beginning this fitness routine.

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