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Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester: Powerful Workout

Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester: Ladies, for your practice during the third pregnancy, you are home. It’s time for baby showers and getting the nursery ready. You will need a lot of energy, and although it might be hard to muster, this is the most crucial time to stick with your workout.

What to expect from your Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester

At this point, your tummy has grown more significantly than you ever thought it could, and it keeps getting bigger! It will be more difficult for you to move about freely, so your exercise will be more restricted.

We have outlined these restrictions for you on your Third-Trimester-Workout-Poster. You should still be able to do a basic workout and stay active up to your delivery day!

Activities that start in the second trimester (swimming, gentle gymnastics, yoga, stretching) can be maintained until the end of the pregnant woman feels in good shape.

“It is recommended, however, to consult your gynaecologist for an in-depth examination. Factors such as contractions or a cervix opening,” says the gynaecology-obstetrics doctor. “

It should also be noted that weight gain is essential at the end of pregnancy, which can impact breathing capacity and somewhat hinder movement!”. Listening to your body and respecting your tolerance level without exceeding its limits is essential.

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy?

  Swimming and walking are the two most recommended sports for the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Walking :

It has the advantage of being accessible to all. It is not recommended to hike for several hours. The idea is to practice this activity for 30 to 40 minutes daily to feel all the benefits.

If walking is moderate, it does not pose a risk to the mother and child. Walking is the ideal sport if you weren’t a great sportswoman before pregnancy.

Swimming :

It is also very beneficial for the mother-to-be. It has relaxing effects because movement is more accessible and less traumatic for the joints when carried by water.

Some swimming pools offer water gym classes adapted for pregnant women, a gentle and ideal activity for you and your baby. Swim on your back and breaststroke as long as you swim your head underwater so as not to pull on your back.

Yoga :

Exercise During Pregnancy Third Trimester

 It is also a perfect activity for pregnant women. Practised for hundreds of years, yoga has been used to treat many ailments affecting women during pregnancy (heavy legs, back pain…) while providing them with inner well-being.

Specific yoga classes for pregnant women exist. They help the expectant mother to calm certain physical disorders caused by pregnancy and help her to relieve stress and anxiety.

This activity is based on breath control and flexibility and consists of taking multiple postures that will allow the body to stretch and soften gently.

Making Adjustments before your Pregnancy Exercises

Try to keep your equipment above knee level to avoid back strain and make it more accessible. This may seem like a minor adjustment, but it can make a big difference to you later.

The easier you access your workout equipment, the more likely you will work out. Your ligaments are still full of estrogen and relaxin, and the added weight makes it even easier to overstretch or overdo during exercise.

Remember to stay hydrated. If you wait until you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Drink a glass of water before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout. It is essential to get plenty of water.

Avoid exercising in the supine position (flat on your back). The baby is pretty heavy now. As we explained in the previous article:


there is a risk of cutting off blood flow back to the heart.

 Also, more strain will be placed on your back as you progress. We will concentrate on exercises that will keep your back strong for the rest of your term and delivery. These exercises are simple but very effective.

Do not overexert yourself. There is no need to push beyond your physical capacity. It would help if you still aimed for your THR for thirty to sixty minutes at least twice a week and maybe up to seven times a week.

Common problems During Pregnancy Exercises

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You may become short of breath more quickly now that your uterus puts more pressure on your diaphragm. You will need to pay close attention to your posture. Sitting and standing up straight will help alleviate some of this.

You may also experience swelling of the nasal passages, making breathing through your nose more difficult. Nasal strips during exercise can make nasal breathing easier.

You will have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. Many women have found that sleeping on their sides with a pillow between their legs is the most comfortable.

Haemorrhoids are expected during the third trimester and sometimes occur during labour and delivery. They can be painful and may limit sitting exercise.

You want to keep doing these exercises in the standing position if sitting causes pain. Consult your doctor for medication if an over-the-counter remedy is not working for you. Exercise may decrease the symptoms and should be continued.

About your Pregnancy Workout Routine

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Note that the exercises do not state a dumbbell weight you should use. This is because everyone will be at a different skill level, and the individual should decide this level. Start small, work your way up, or ask a certified fitness professional.

You will notice on the first, second, and exercise during pregnancy third-trimester posters that there are three strength training days and one cardio day (“cardio” refers to aerobic exercise).

The third strength training day is optional, and you may repeat a day to add a fourth strength training day if your fitness level allows.

Remember, getting at least one aerobic workout done per week and your strength training is essential, so plan your exercises wisely. Continue using the workout you feel comfortable with.

Remember, you can make modifications to either workout. Modifications include lowering or raising the weight or the number of repetitions for any exercise.

You can lower or raise the reps by three to five reps per set and lower or raise the weight to the next smaller or larger size. As with any exercise routine, check with your physician before beginning this routine. Now you have your exercise during pregnancy’s third trimester!