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Sex for Pregnancy – 4 Best Positions To Get Pregnant Fast

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Sex for Pregnancy: Before discussing sex for pregnancy and the best positions to get pregnant, it is important to know that anybody could get pregnant in any position.

The man is on the top, female is on top, sitting, standing, lying down, or in all four positions.

Sex for Pregnancy: Positions To Get Pregnant 

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No matter what you think about sex for Pregnancy, you need to know that Pregnancy occurs when the sperm cell of the male enters the vagina of the woman and meets the egg on its way into the uterus and up to the fallopian tubes.

Perfectly, this is probable with any position in the sexual act you assume. Unfortunately, some couples find it difficult to conceive for various reasons; which include weak or inadequate sperm count.

 In several instances, like when nature requires an enhancement, a small push from you and your partner could go a long way towards getting pregnant.

When it approaches the finest position of getting pregnant, the universal ruling is that the sperm cell of the male should be situated as close to the female’s cervix as possible.

While not plenty of people would concur that sexual positions have something to do with getting pregnant.

The logical implication is that it creates logic to believe the sexual position could assist the sperm cell in meeting with the egg within the shortest possible time. This is specifically accurate for couples having trouble or difficulty getting pregnant.

 Having declared this, the tip for the initial best position to get pregnant fast is to evade positions that expose the least amount of the cervix to the sperm of the male. That usually defies severity like sex, which is sitting down, standing up, or with the girl on top.

Limiting the number of sperm cells that run back outside the vagina is fine when attempting to conceive.

The hips of the woman must also be positioned so that the released sperm is maintained inside, giving enough periods to swim into the female’s cervix.

You have to think of these Best Positions To Get Pregnant instead:

Regular sexual intercourse is the best way to get pregnant quickly. Women who want to get pregnant often have sex only during ovulation.

Indeed, you will not get pregnant if you are not in this ovulation period. However, women do not always know exactly when this period takes place.

Making love three times a week will ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to get pregnant.

Do you want to get pregnant but have difficulties? Don’t give up! Don’t give up! Some women need more time than others, but this is not an impossible task.

To put all the chances on your side to start a pregnancy, here are our four best positions to get pregnant quickly!

Sex for Pregnancy -The man-on-top or missionary position : 

Sex for Pregnancy

  It is known to be the best position to get pregnant fast because the position permits the deepest possible penetration, making it achievable to deposit the sperm very close to the cervix.

The missionary’s position is good when you are trying to get pregnant. Avoid positions where the woman is above. Gravity will allow sperm to escape into these positions. Don’t get up right after sex. Try to relax and leave the semen in the vagina for as long as possible..

Sex for Pregnancy-Elevation of the hips (legs in the air)

Sex for Pregnancy

This could be done by putting a pillow on her back, which could also be helpful since it will expose the woman’s cervix to more semen as the man could release it.

The back-entry position:


Wherein the man penetrates the woman from the back is a recommended position as well. In this sexual position, the sperm is deposited close to the cervix; thus helping enhance the opportunities for conception.

Sex for Pregnancy – Lay down on your sides

Sex for Pregnancy

You may also attempt to have sexual contact as you lie down on your side. This would also cause the cervix to be exposed to the sperm of the male.

Finally, as this doesn’t have anything with sexual positions, some researchers also recommend the significance of the orgasm of the female to get pregnant.

According to some studies, the orgasm of the woman causes a contraction that may push the sperm into the cervix.

So these are the best positions to get pregnant fast during sex for pregnancy.