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Trouble Getting Pregnant? – Things to Avoid!

Trouble Getting Pregnant? You are ready to take an enormous step and are determined to become a parent. However, in an instant, you realize that you have trouble getting pregnant despite your many attempts. It’s not as simple to get pregnant as several women make it appear to be.

Why do you have trouble getting pregnant?

If you have Trouble Getting Pregnant, the following are some things you should do to get pregnant fast:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly and keep in form
  • Avoid alcohol, Caffeine, and smoking
  • You have to manage your stress also.

You continue having a difficult time getting pregnant. You followed the advice of your mom, your doctor, and your husband, but still, it appears that you are having trouble getting pregnant.

Will you ever conceive?

The following are the three devastating mistakes that seriously destroy your opportunities for conception:

Keeping up sperm until your period of ovulation

Several couples believe that it helps to keep up the sperm and use it only during ovulation.

While it is accurate that by keeping up the sperm, you will have abundant when you need it, most of these sperm will be tired and lethargic and have difficulty meeting up the egg.

This used to happen to me till I realized that I had been making these 3 devastating mistakes that seriously ruined my chances of conception!

Saving Up Sperm until Your Ovulation Period

Many couples think it helps save sperm, only to use it during ovulation.

While it’s correct that by saving up sperm, you’ll have bounteous when you want it, most of these sperm will be lethargic and tired and have a tricky time making their way to meet up with the egg.

Thus it is most excellent that your sperms are fresh during ovulation. It is suggested that your partner must ejaculate every five days to maintain an excellent supply of vigorous sperm.

Using Sperm with lubricants

While several people believe that applying lubricant during sex helps things go quickly, it could destroy your opportunities to get pregnant.

Any lubricant obtained from the store could fundamentally weaken the sperm; this also goes for KY Jelly and Vaseline.

However, if you want to have some lubricant during sex, you can use the albumin of the egg. It could seem disgusting, but a white egg is very sperm-friendly.

Third Mistake – Getting Up Immediately After Sex

Trouble Getting Pregnant:

Pregnancy is essential to every woman because it is an incredible feeling of completeness. After all, they will become mothers. Being a mother, the woman feels she has given integrity because of conceiving.

Women might get frustrated because they have trouble getting pregnant as they visit their gynecologist regularly.

Possible causes of inability to get pregnant

1. Hormonal imbalance: the thyroid hormone could affect the capability of a woman to get pregnant. The active or overactive thyroid hormone production affects a woman’s ability to get pregnant. So, regular checking of hormonal levels is essential.

2. Age: The fertility rate of a woman will decrease as her age increases

It is recommended to plan the pregnancy during the proper age because if you plan it during an older age will bring you different problems in conceiving. It is difficult to get pregnant at an older age.

3. Stress and anxiety: possibilities of getting pregnant decreases if you are suffering from stress. Avoid getting stressed related to work and anxiety to save yourself from infertility. It would help if you practiced meditation to lessen your stress and anxiety.

4. Sperm Count: lower sperm count of a man may also be the reason for the woman not getting pregnant. The lower sperm count of the males is for two reasons; lifestyle and age. So, it is also recommended to check your partner’s lifestyle.

4. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol will give you adverse effects when getting pregnant. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol can decrease your sperm count, which may lead to infertility.

It is recommended to get rid of those if you want to get pregnant.

5. Get Rid of Caffeine: You must reduce or, if possible, avoid your caffeine intake since it can decrease iron absorption, which may increase the chance of having a stillbirth.

Avoid eating unhealthy foods

lots of women in today’s generation are fond of eating unhealthy foods. They usually eat junk foods and do not concentrate on a healthy diet which can increase the possibility of getting pregnant.

Overweight: When the woman is overweight, there is a lower possibility of getting pregnant, and even if she gets pregnant, it will become tough to keep up with the baby.

Underweight: When the woman is underweight, she will need to gain the required weight before she gets pregnant because the uterus of an underweight woman cannot bear the weight of the baby.

Some diet supplements could be taken once the woman is not taking the proper and balanced diet. Zinc can help the woman to get conceived.

With zinc, you can get selenium and vitamin C supplements. The folic acid supplement can help the mother deliver a fit and healthy baby.

Health and lifestyle can play a significant role in the woman getting pregnant. All of the above reasons are the answers to the common question of a woman why am I unable to get pregnant?

Like most females, you can get up after sex for whatever reason. But getting up will make it more difficult for the sperm to move upwards and get together with the egg.

Many women who wish to become pregnant do not attend to this, which could be the downfall of their inability to get pregnant.

If you follow the advice listed here, you will hopefully have less trouble getting pregnant.