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Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

Childhood is a very important stage in our life and any disorder that may arise can affect adulthood if it is not resolved as soon as possible. Today we are going to talk about separation anxiety disorder. which is much more common than it might seem at first.

Separation anxiety disorder in children arises when the attachment figures for a child move away, leave the room in which he is, or simply spend a lot of time at work. The stress and anxiety felt by that child are disproportionate and show a fear of possible abandonment.

The question is, what causes separation anxiety disorder? There must be something that is the trigger for the child to act in this way. This is what we are going to see next.

The causes of separation anxiety disorder in children

When a child suffers from a separation anxiety disorder, this indicates that within the family nucleus there has been a rupture, loss, or separation that has been shocking. Let’s see some examples of what can be the cause of this type of disorder:

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

The breakup of the couple, which is the attachment figure for the child makes him feel insecure. That is why anxiety arises, in a natural and adaptive way that alerts you that you are in danger.

Change of space:

moving to a new home or another city may cause separation anxiety disorder to appear. Children are very susceptible to any change since they need to feel safe at all times.

The arrival of a brother:

Having a brother is a reason for joy, but for many children, it means “sharing?” The attachment figures for what they may think: that now they are no longer important and their parents will leave them aside. Before this, anxiety arises.

The death of a relative:

This situation makes the child see that anyone in his environment can leave and not return. So his fear increases, and he begins to think that the same can happen with his attachment figures.

All these causes can generate excessive concern in the child, which is unjustified and will lead him to be always attached to their attachment figures. This will negatively impact various aspects of your life. For example, when you have to stay at school or in private classes. You may continue reading: Aggressiveness in children: my child suddenly becomes aggressive

How is this Separation anxiety disorder in children resolved?

The best way to solve this disorder is with the help of a child psychologist. But, the caregivers also have to do their part to carry out certain practices that will be beneficial for the child:

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

They should practice detachment: leaving the child with relatives or grandparents is positive. Make quick farewells when dropped off at school, too.

Speak with sincerity:

If the child is not told about the death of a relative, if it is not explained, this can cause separation anxiety disorder to arise or worsen. Children understand more than adults believe. You should talk to them to explore their emotions and let them flow.

Establishing routines is positive:

If the same routines are carried out every day, this can generate confidence in the child, allowing him to feel safe.

It is very important that we do not punish the child, that we do not quarrel with him, and much less, ignore what is happening to him. This would only increase your separation anxiety disorder, which may affect you later in your adult life. What can happen to an adult with this disorder?

Sufre emotional dependence:

He sticks to his friends, his partner, and anyone who provides security. But, there is always the anxiety that at any moment they can abandon it, that is why they tend to control and distrust.

He has ruminant thoughts:

The anxiety he feels causes him to anticipate what may happen, believing that some of the things he does can make people leave his side. This increases your anxiety about a separation that only exists in your mind.


Treating separation anxiety disorder when we are adults is much more difficult since we must realize what happens to us and seek professional help to get out of this insane state that makes it so difficult for us to relate to others.

A psychologist will help a person with this disorder increase their self-esteem. So that they can not only trust themselves but also others. At the same time, you will cultivate an attachment so that you can cultivate healthier relationships. Have you ever suffered from a separation anxiety disorder?

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