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How To Sanitize Baby Bottles in the Perfect way Quick Guide

How To Sanitize Baby Bottles

How to Sanitize baby Bottles? This process requires strict hygiene rules. The goal is a perfect cleaning of the bottle by destroying any remaining microbes.

After washing bottles, sterilize them with the process below. Aren’t you sure you have the right gestures to eliminate germs from the bottle?

Do you not know the difference between hot sterilization and cold sterilization? Do you hesitate between an electrical, microwave steam, or sterile solution? Here are the answers to your questions about sterilizing your bottle.

Sanitize Baby bottles: 4 steps to avoid mistakes

  1. Before handling the bottle, and before Sanitize Baby bottles, wash your hands with soap and dry them with clean linen. Enjoy cleaning and drying the work plan where you will pool bottles and accessories after sterilization.
  2. Remove the bottle, wash all parts with a dish and rinse in running water. Nothing is used to sterilize a bottle if it cleans it: sterilization does not end the residues in the bottle, which are real broths of culture. Then dry the bottles.
  3. Once dry, put the bottle elements in the sterilizer. Whatever mode you choose, always refer to the device insert. Sterilization times and water quantities differ from one model to another.
  4. Conserving bottles before use, you can, after cold sterilization, keep them for twenty-four hours in the sterile sterilizer. After hot sterilization, the bottles are kept up and closed for twenty-four hours in the refrigerator.

Sterilize bottle: cold or hot?

The different methods have proven themselves and are all reliable. But the quickest is microwave sterilization. Some devices offer cycles that last less than five minutes.

These sterilizers have another advantage: they take less space in a kitchen. Cold sanitization takes longer; the process lasts half an hour, and the disinfectant tablets used to give a slight bleach smell that can inconvenience you even if it does not interfere with babies.

The electric steam device has a variable sterilization time that is longer than the microwave, but shorter than cold sterilization. It is often large enough but has the advantage of sterilizing up to eight bottles at one time.

Practice, when you know an infant takes on average six meals a day, sometimes seven or eight the first two months. If you are interested in investing in any of these devices why not lend one? A real economy since you will not use it for up to four months.

At what age can you stop Sterilising water for babies?

About until his 4 month. Beyond that age, the baby puts everything he finds in his mouth, and that is no longer useful.

Bottle sterilization: Is it necessary when it is hot?

Yes yes, because germs multiply faster under the effect of heat. Washing and disinfection are even more recommended.

How to Sterilize Baby bottles: What about spoons, bottles for water, and teething rings?

Whatever the sterilization mode. You can also sterilize them at the same time. There is no specific diet for small or premature babies. From the moment they get out of the hospital, they are no more fragile than others.

Is it really necessary to sanitize baby bottles?

It remains a precautionary measure, however, it can be done, but with one condition: that your bottles (rings, teens, and caps) are washed, rinsed, and kept in a clean place. This requires impeccable hygiene.

Before sterilization

Before you Sanitize Baby Bottles, it is essential to clean them first. Sterilization.

After washing the bottle, recompose with the ring to avoid handling them after sterilization.

The Best Sterilization methods

  Microwave bottle sterilizer, Sterilization with a sterilizer

How To Sanitize Baby Bottles

There are 2 types of hot sterilizers: microwave bottle sterilizers and electric sterilizers. (For more details, see our sheet: Baby equipment—sterilizer.)

Place bottles in the sterilizer and leave it for the duration shown on the directions for use, between 10 and 15 min.

Cold Sterilization or Cold Water Sterilising

Place bottles, rings, and teens in the planned tray, for cold water sterilizing, add an antiseptic tablet; and wait for the duration shown on the instructions for use, on average half an hour.

The disinfecting solution is active for about 24 hours, allowing the bottle to soak up to its use.

Boiling sterilization (old sterilization)

If you do not want to invest in a sterilizer, you can sterilize your bottles with boiling water. Boil water in a large saucepan and dive into the bottle. Add the teens 10 minutes later. The duration of the immersion is 15 minutes for bottles and 5 minutes for teens. Pay attention to burn hazards when you exit the bottles of water.

Sanitize Baby bottles final step

When you  Sanitize Baby Bottles, remove the bottles with pliers to avoid burning your fingers. Close the bottles with the caps and put them in a clean fridge. Sterilized bottles are usable for 24 hours. Before handling, clean your hands. For better hygiene, you can place your bottles in a clean, closed food box before putting them in the refrigerator.

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